Central Europe 2019 EC 1 (Ebook)

ISBN: 9783954029846

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Central Europe 2019 EC 1 (Ebook)


Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia, Hungary,
UNO Geneva, UNO Vienna, Western Hungary.


  • The first MICHEL volume entirely created with the new Philatelic Database (PDB)!
  • Improved and easy-to-read layout: year of issue and country designation on each page allow even faster reference.
  • Editorial revision of the whole volume.
  • Price increases especially with classic stamps from Switzerland and Austria.
  • Numerous new MICHEL numbers and colour illustrations added Editorial focus on Liechtenstein and Austria.
  • Over 17.200 high-resolution colour illustrations and approx. 77.000 price quotations
  • New issues up to MICHEL-Rundschau 4/2019


Edition: 104th
Pages: 1440
Publishing House: Schwaneberger Verlag
First Day of Sale: 31 Mai 2019


There are no reviews for this product

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