Germany Specialized 2022 – Volume 2 (as of May 1945) (E-book)

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Germany Specialized 2022 – Volume 2 (as of May 1945) (E-book)


German local stamps issued starting in 1945, including official and private stamps; joint issues, Berlin and Brandenburg, Soviet Zone; German Democratic Republic, Berlin (West), Saarland and Saarland as federal state of the F.R.G.; French Zone, American Zone and British Zone; F.R.G., foreign postal offices, international reply coupons.


  • Fully revised special knowledge on German collection areas as of 1945
  • Lots of new special characteristics and type variations found in various areas, including over 40 new plate flaws in the areas of local issues, Berlin and the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Numerous changed appraisals of local issues, Soviet occupation zone, GDR registered mail stamps, French Zone, bi-zone and the early years of Berlin
  • Pay attention to the “Welt der Briefe (World of Letters)“: Since several issues are produced by different printing plants, Germany’s youngest postage stamps series will most likely become a new special collection area – the first difference has already been recorded.
  • Publication of the numbers of issues of the commemorative stamps issued by the Federal Republic of Germany in 2021
  • Over 10,200 colour photos and approx. 116,700 price quotations
  • Presents all novelties up to and including April 2022
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