Liechtenstein Specialized 2019/2020 (Ebook)

ISBN: 9783954029945

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Liechtenstein Specialized 2019/2020 (Ebook)


Prephilately, forerunners, stamps, postal stationery, air mail, Zeppelin mail, military mail, field post, POW and internee mail, official special cards and covers, postmarks and forms, postage fees, numismatics.


  • Including MICHEL and Zumstein numbers; appraisals in euros (€) and Swiss francs (CHF)
  • Includes a comprehensive section on numismatics
  • Editorial supplements and improvements throughout the whole volume
  • Price increases, particularly of letter appraisals
  • New high-resolution colour pictures in various sections
  • More than 2400 illustrations and approx. 23,000 price quotations
  • Novelties up to September 2019 have been catalogued


Edition: 38th
Pages: 512
First Day of Sale: 24 Januar 2020


There are no reviews for this product

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