Alpine Countries 2022 E 1

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Alpine Countries 2022 E 1


Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, UNO Geneva, UNO Vienna


  • 2022 Alpine Countries: These particularly popular European collection areas have been fully revised and complemented by the Editorial Team.
  • Additional information about forgeries, new price appraisals of se-tenant print units from Austrian foil sheets and supplemented numbers of issue regarding Swiss stamps provide even more details and safety.
  • Ten newly discovered type variations reflect a philatelic interest in the Alps that is as strong as ever!
  • An additional number of 230 new photos make it considerably easier for collectors to identify their stamps.
  • All price appraisals have been revised, resulting in numerous price increases, for instance for issues of German Austria and the Donau-Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft (Danube Steamboat Association)
  • Besides general price trends, collectors will also find large price increases of individual stamps, such as a cancelled “Standing Helvetia“ that has nearly doubled its five-digit value.
  • More than 9000 high-resolution photos in colour and approx. 39,300 price appraisals
  • All novelties up to those featured in MICHEL Rundschau No. 2/2022 have been included



Edition: 107th
Pages: 800
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First Day of Sale: 4 März 2022