Austria Specialized 2018

ISBN: 9783954022458

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Austria Specialized 2018


Issues of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire (1850 to 1867), the Austrian Empire (1867 to 1918), the Republic of Austria (1918–1938) and as of 1945, appraisals of the issues of the German Reich from 1938 to 1945 and the postal system in the customs enclave, issues of Lombardy and Veneto, the Austrian Postal System on Crete, Levant, China and the DDSG, stamps issued by Bosnia and Herzegovina (1879 to 1918), Austrian-Hungarian field post, extensive postal stationery section.


  • Numerous price increases among the stamps of the Empire as well as the years of 2002 to 2010, issues of Levant, Crete, the DDSG and postal stationery, in particular telephone cards
  • Editorial revision and supplements throughout the book, particularly in the chapter on postal stationery, the Vending Maschine stamps which are also divided according to print variations as of now and international reply coupons
  • The plate marks of stamps issued by the Empire as well as many new type variations, most of them depicted in colour, have been newly included
  • Black-and-white and colour prints have been complemented
  • The latest state of research: There were even price changes compared to MICHEL Central Europe, which was not published until April
  • New issues up to and including MICHEL Rundschau 5/2018
  • Approx. 6800 illustrations and more than 40 000 price quotations


Edition: 39th
Pages: 744
Format: 155 mm x 230 mm, Hardcover
Publishing House: Schwaneberger Verlag
First Day of Sale: 22 Juni 2018


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