Germany 2018/2019

ISBN: 9783954022472

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Germany 2018/2019


Old German States, Northern German Confederation and the German Reich, Foreign Post Offices, Colonies, Ship Mail Abroad, Occupation Issues World War I and World War II, Plebiscite Areas, Belgian Military Post in Rhineland, Eupen, Malmédy, Gdansk, Memel, Bohemia and Moravia, General Government, Sudetenland, Field Post Stamps, Local Issues, Allied Occupation (Joint Issues, Berlin and Brandenburg, Soviet Occupation Zone, French Occupation Zone, American and British Occupation Zone), GDR, Berlin (West), Saarland with issues of District Post Office, FRG.


  • Completely revised: ship mail by submarine
  • Price movements throughout the book, particularly for Old German States, German Colonies, Ship Mai Abroad, Sudetenland, Occupation Issues, Local Issues as of 1945, Berlin and Brandenburg as well as OPD issues of the Soviet Occupied Zone
  • Important new information on forgeries
  • New watermark version of GDR listed
  • New inclusion of additional EAN Code strips
  • Many new colour illustrations in the collection areas of Old German States, the German Empire, Occupation Issues 1914-1918, Eupen and Malmédy as well as Post War Issues
  • Approximately 11 400 colour images and 63 000 price quotations
  • New issues up to MICHEL Rundschau No. 6/2018


Edition: 105th
Pages: 1152
Format: 155 mm x 230 mm, Hardcover with book marker and watermark fold-out plate
First Day of Sale: 6 Juli 2018


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