Germany Junior 2018

ISBN: 9783954022243

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Germany Junior 2018


Old German States, German Empire, Foreign Post Offices, Colonies, Occupation Issues of WW I and II, Plebiscite Areas (with Saar), Gdansk, Memel, Bohemia and Moravia, General Government, Sudetenland, Field Post Stamps, Local Issues, Allied Occupation (joint issues, Berlin and Brandenburg, Soviet Occupation Zone, French Occupation Zone, American and British Occupation Zone), GDR, West Berlin, Saarland, FRG


  • Ideal reference work for all collectors from beginners to experienced philatelists
  • Price movements especially within the areas of Old German States, North German Confederation, Colonies, Sudetenland, Occupation Issues of World War II, Field Post Stamps, Local Issues from 1945 on, Soviet Occupation Zone, issues of the early GRD and French Occupation Zone.
  • Main focus of the new edition: Occupied France during World War II and Field Post Stamps.
  • Even more colourful: About 500 new colour images illustrate the MICHEL-Junior 2018 to facilitate the search for stamps
  • About 8200 colour images and approx. 32 000 price quotations
  • With all stamps published up to MICHEL Rundschau # 11/2017


Edition: 46
Pages: 618
Format: 115 mm x 188 mm, paperback
Publishing House: Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH


There are no reviews for this product

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