Germany Specialized 2020 – Volume 1 (1849–April 1945)

ISBN: 9783954023011

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Germany Specialized 2020 – Volume 1 (1849–April 1945)


Old Germany, Northern German Confederation and the German Reich, local issues of 1923, foreign post offices, colonies and maritime mail abroad, occupation issues of World War One and Two, plebiscite areas, Belgian military mail in Rhineland, Eupen and Malmédy, Gdansk, the Memel Region, Bohemia and Moravia, general government, Sudetenland, field post issues, official mail, war and propaganda forgeries, international reply coupons.


  • With hardcover book markers in colour and watermark folding plate
  • Price fluctuations quoted throughout the book
  • Many new colour illustrations
  • Approx. 5900 pictures and over 95 500 price quotations


Edition: 50th
Pages: 1216
Format: 155 mm x 230 mm Hardcover with bookmarker and watermark folding plate
Publishing House: Schwaneberger Verlag
First Day of Sale: 3 April 2020


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