Germany Specialized 2021 – Volume 1 (1849–April 1945)

ISBN: 9783954023684

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Germany Specialized 2021 – Volume 1 (1849–April 1945)


Old Germany, Northern German Confederation and the German Reich, local issues of 1923, foreign post offices, colonies and maritime mail abroad, occupation issues of World War One and Two, plebiscite areas, Belgian military mail in Rhineland, Eupen and Malmédy, Gdansk, the Memel Region, Bohemia and Moravia, general government, Sudetenland, field post issues, official mail, war and propaganda forgeries, international reply coupons.


  • Many new plate flaws found in the collection areas of Old Germany, German Reich and occupation issues of the Second World War!
  • Numerous additional editorial improvements, such as the complementation and standardization of the cataloguing of type variations from Gdansk and Upper Silesia.
  • The detailed cataloguing of overprints from Sudetenland protect collectors from forgeries that are making the round.
  • New information provided by a private source about sought-after French liberation overprints on the issues of the German Reich offer an extraordinary philatelic insight into the final months of World War Two.
  • MICHEL Price quotations were revised throughout the whole edition and adapted in various areas.
  • Besides the price quotations for classic German issues, the letter prices were updated comprehensively in accordance with the new MICHEL Letters, noting striking price fluctuations in the collection areas of Old Germany, Northern German postal district, German Reich/breastplates and the plebiscite areas.
  • Over 6100 colour photos and approx. 96,000 price appraisals


Edition: 51st
Pages: 1216
Format: 155 mm x 230 mm Hardcover with bookmarker and watermark folding plate
Publishing House: Schwaneberger Verlag
First Day of Sale: 16 April 2021