Plate Flaws German Reich 1872–1945

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Plate Flaws German Reich 1872–1945

Content: Issues of the German Reich (1872–1945) from MiNo. 1 to MiNr. 910, with recorded plate flaws, including official and telegraph stamps as well as semi-official airmail stamps based on the 2022 MICHEL Germany Specialized (Volume 1)


  • Compact, clear layout and providing all details important to collectors of this special collection area: First, this MICHEL reference book lists the standard issues of the stamps, followed by a specific listing of the plate flaws including photos of details.
  • Since the last edition 36 plate flaws have been discovered and complement this ref-erence book.
  • Numerous photos of details enable collectors to identify specific flaws easily and exactly – this new edition depicts even more plate flaws!
  • All MICHEL appraisals have been updated according to the latest research findings and include numerous changes from the previous edition
  • Over 1000 photos and approx. 3000 price quotations



Edition: 3rd
Pages: 96
Format: Softcover
First Day of Sale: 3 Juni 2022