Australia/Oceania/Antarctica 2022 (Ü 7.1) – Volume 1 A-M

ISBN: 9783954024056

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Australia/Oceania/Antarctica 2022 (Ü 7.1) – Volume 1 A-M


Australia (with Australian areas in Antarctica, Coconut, Christmas Island and Norfolk Island), British areas in Antarctica, Cook Islands (with Aitutaki, Penrhyn, Rarotonga), Falkland Islands (with South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands), Fiji -Islands, French Antarctic Territories, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands (Republic), Micronesia


  • Numerous editorial improvements
  • Price quotations changed in many collection areas
  • Around 11,500 illustrations and around 67,000 price quotations
  • Novelties until the MICHEL-Rundschau 5/2022


Edition: 42nd
Pages: Approx. 1120
Format: Hardcover
First Day of Sale: 6 Mai 2022