South America 2020/2021 (Ü 3.2) – Volume 2 K-Z

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South America 2020/2021 (Ü 3.2) – Volume 2 K-Z


Colombia (with -Antioquia, -Bolivar, -Boyacá, -Cundinamarca, -Santander, -Tolima), Paraguay, Peru, SCADTA, Surinam, Uruguay, Venezuela.


  • This new edition focuses on classic stamp countries with famous rarities, such as the so-called ”Rising Sun“ issued by Uruguay in the Year of 1856.
  • Due to the long and exciting history of South American culture, the countries in-cluded in this volume also offer numerous highly interesting motifs to collectors of novelties.
  • Revision and updating of the whole volume: All price appraisals and descriptions of the issues are based on the current state of research.
  • Numerous new colour photos have replaced black-and-white pictures or been added. Concerning Venezuela, all stamps with different motifs are depicted in this latest edition!
  • About 16,000 photos and approx. 64,000 price quotations
  • You will find all novelties listed in MICHEL Rundschau up to No. 9/2020



Edition: 41st
Pages: 1024
Format: Hardcover
First Day of Sale: 22 Januar 2020