Coins Germany 2017

ISBN: 9783954021932

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Coins Germany 2017


German coins from 1871 on (German States, German Empire, Stopgap Coins, German Colonies, Occupied Areas, Danzig German Democratic Republic, Saarland, Federal Republic of Germany), Euro currency coins and 2-Euro currency memorial coins form all states of the European currency area since 2002.


  • Introduction with a numismatic encyclopaedia and an index of the currency coins, as well as extensive information on coin metals and alloys, the designers and more
  • Editorial revision of the whole content
  • Coin sheets of the Deutschen Post AG and official Coin Covers of the GDR, Valuations up to four degrees of preservation, Information about counterfeits and coinages errors
  • About 2100 high resolution colour illustrations of face and reverse sides with information on coin margins and more than 20 000 price quotations
  • Numerous price movements, especially at top-quality coins
  • Listing of the German coins up to the end of 2016, as well as a preview of the 2017 planned issues and the issuing program for 2018


Edition: 21st
Pages: 502
Format: 152 mm x 203 mm, paperback


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