European Colonies

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European Colonies


Stamp issues from the colonies and territories of Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and Spain as well as stamps issued for the foreign postal offices operated by Greece, Austria, Poland, Rumania, and Russia.


  • First edition
  • Compendium of a total of 28 volumes of the MICHEL standard series with additional specialized information
  • Including the special-level cataloguing of stamps issued by Germany, Austria and Russia
  • Issues starting with the heyday of the European colonialism up to brand new stamps from territories that even today have not yet become completely independent.
  • This new MICHEL is the third and last volume of the MICHEL series that features the history of European colonies. The volume that focuses on the French colonies and territories as well as the two-volume reference work about the British territories were already published in 2017, respectively in 2018.
  • Over 8000 illustrations and about 40,100 price quotations
  • All novelties up to MICHEL RUNDSCHAU 4/2019 have been catalogued


Edition: 1st
Pages: 704
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