Southwestern Europe 2018 (ebook)

ISBN: 9783954029662

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Southwestern Europe 2018 (ebook)


Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (all three postal administrations), Croatia, Fiume, Italy, Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Trieste, Vatican.


  • Focal point of this new edition: Ancient Italian states and Italy
  • Numerous price fluctuations regarding Italian stamps up to the early 1950s
  • Price increases of modern se-tenants with ornamental fields from Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia
  • Important new information on forgeries concerning Yugoslavian overprint postage Stamps
  • Revision of the stamp booklets issued by Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia
  • Editorial improvements also regarding Albania: Improved MICHEL numbering system and complementary information concerning overprint stamps
  • Approx. 20 000 illustrations and 83 000 price quotations
  • Listing of all new issues up to MiR 6/2018


Edition: 103rd
Pages: 1568
Publishing House: Schwaneberger Verlag
First Day of Sale: 22 Juni 2018


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