UNO Specialized 2018 (ebook)

ISBN: 9783954029587

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UNO Specialized 2018 (ebook)


Stamps and postal stationeries of United Nations Organization (UNO) New York, Geneva and Vienna, Officials stamps of various international organizations in Switzerland, France and the Netherlands, as well as stamp issues of United Nations interim administrations in West New Guinea, Kosovo and East Timor.


  • Main focus of the new edition: revision of prices within all areas
  • Increasing prices for the most of the popular greeting-stamp sheets
  • First day documents including the "Quatro-FDC”, issued since 2015, which have in addition to the stamps of the three UN areas a similar stamp of the same topic from another country
  • Now with 451 additional clues concerning phase printings
  • Last days of sales of stamps added
  • About 3300 coloured images and approx.36 000 price quotations
  • With all stamps published up to MICHEL Rundschau # 12/2017


Edition: 34th edition
Pages: 612
Publishing House: Schwaneberger Verlag
First Day of Sale: 8 Dezember 2017


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