Switzerland Specialized 2019/2020 (E-book)

ISBN: 9783954029921

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Switzerland Specialized 2019/2020 (E-book)


Canton of Zurich, Canton of Geneva, Canton of Basel, Swiss Post, stamps for vending machines, booklets and ooklet tickets, coil stamps, official stamps, frank stamps, postage due stamps, telegraph stamps, airmail stamps, local issues, military (field) post, International Organisations, postal stationery, Campione.


  • Fully revised and updated new edition
  • There is a stable market with above-average price levels for Swiss issues
  • Numerous price increases, particularly in the areas of cantonal stamps, Swiss authorities, ATMs, local issues and hotel postage stamps
  • New: listing and appraisal of setenant prints with control overprinting of stamp rolls
  • Over 4300 illustrations and approx. 33 000 price quotations
  • All novelties up to MICHEL Rundschau No. 9/2019 have been catalogued
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Edition: 38th
Pages: 472
Publishing House: Schwaneberger Verlag
First Day of Sale: 24 Januar 2020