Curious Stamps - Whole World

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Curious Stamps - Whole World


Stamps from all over the world from 1852 up to and including 2022 that are exceptional because of their shape, colour, material, printing, gumming or anything else.


  • Two years after the successful first edition, the motif volume "Curious Stamps" is published as a completely revised new edition.
  • The new catalogue format, together with an improved layout, makes it possible to catalogue and illustrate more stamps without increasing the number of pages.
  • Both the design descriptions and all price quotations have been reviewed and updated.
  • Price changes since the last issue in 2020 reflect movements in the market.
  • Addition of further stamp issues that either appeared after the first edition or were additionally reported to the editors.
  • Over 5000 colour photos and approx. 39.000 price appraisals
  • Novelties until MICHEL-Rundschau 11/2022



Edition: 2nd
Pages: 480
Format: Paperback
First Day of Sale: 2 Dezember 2022