Postal Stationery Germany 2021/2022

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Postal Stationery Germany 2021/2022


Official postal stationery (envelopes, wrappers, card letters, postcards, etc.) with printed postage stamps including official post and authority issues of all German areas, own issues of Deutsche Post AG, private post issues of Deutsche Post AG.


  • Fully revised and updated new edition, based on the latest research findings and including numerous editorial modifications, particularly for issues from the State of Wuerttemberg.
  • Additional editorial improvements, such as the revised and easier-to-read list of print control symbols of the German Reich and the classification as well as an additional subclassification of the private mail issues of the German Postal System and DHL in accordance with official and postage stamps printed on Deutsche Post stationery, can be found throughout this latest MICHEL edition.
  • Nearly all photos are now in colour!
  • New in MICHEL Postal Stationery: postcards with printed postage stamps issued by the Deutsche Versicherungsbank (German Insurance Bank) for the shipping of submersibles of the Deutsche Ozean-Reederei (German Ocean Carrier), an additional appraisal column for cancellations by pen of the city mail envelopes of the City of Bremen, and the earliest known dates of use of many issues without a recorded first day regarding Wuerttemberg and the German Reich as of 1932
  • Novel discovery: an additional variety of the first air mail light-weight letter from Berlin
  • A listing of all newly recorded items, renumberings and deletions as well as a new, comprehensive keyword index in the appendix helps readers to sort through and find areas that are less well-known.
  • Cataloguing of all novelties of the official issues up to August 2021
  • Over 4,400 colour photos and approx. 19,200 price appraisals


Edition: 23rd
Pages: 960
Format: Hardcover
First Day of Sale: 5 November 2021